Me — Changing the Website

Perhaps it’s been a while, but I’ve mentioned that I’m not a huge fan of Weebly. There isn’t a whole lot of customization and I can’t ever put things exactly where I want them. The best way to find any particular old post is to hope you remember the title enough to google “Nacrethen ‘Title of Blog Post‘”. As of now I’m not paying any money to run this site (otherwise but beyond that looking back through the Archive you’ll have to go through the posts by month or by category. Beyond the blog itself everything is more or less the same. It’s easy, yes, but simplicity can sometimes make for some boring content.

The problem I’ve been having with this is that I haven’t been able to find other website programs that are both good and free. I don’t mind spending money, but at this very moment there is nothing to justify putting money into it. I’ve tried a few other sites, but none of them have ‘fit together’ the way I want them to, so I’ve settled for this one.

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to make everything better (now that I know there are things that I could do to improve the site), and my attention has been directed to WordPress. I haven’t put forth the effort into ‘building’ this website up again from scratch, so I don’t know if I’ll like it more, but I’m going to spend a lot of today working on it. It seems promising, but in any case I don’t want to change my personal website without being sure I’ll like the new one more. So, with my two hundredth blog post around the corner, I think that would be the perfect time to say farewell to Weebly. It gives me nearly three weeks to figure out how to use WordPress, and won’t pressure me for time as I’m also trying to figure out my school schedule and all the stuff around that I’ll have to deal with.

I am worried about making things a little convoluted, though. If I have two websites up and running, which would I direct somebody to, the one where all of my stuff is, or the one I’m paying more attention to? Of course, it isn’t as though this website will stop existing, but I feel accomplished in the fact that the Archive in the sidebar now has a sizable list. I don’t like the idea of ‘starting from scratch’.

Of course, I know that if I do want to do this, sooner will always be better than later. It will only get harder to switch websites as I move forward, so now is the best time to do it. I’ve also been thinking about the ‘Tales of Nacre Then’ as a title, and I no longer think it’s the best idea. While it may not be the case just yet, in the future I have full faith I’ll want people to think of ‘Kollin Cooley’ the author, not ‘Nacre Then’ the universe. So I’ll keep the ‘Tales of Nacre Then’ as the culmination of all the short fiction in that universe, but more than likely that won’t be the message that is displayed on the website. It is constricting, and even if I don’t feel the edges of that constraint now, I know they’re there so it’s better to remove them as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, stay tuned. We’ll see what happens.

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