Me — Retiring the Blog

Hey, folks.

I’ll be brief. I’m working six days a week at the moment, and other obligations occupy my evenings on every one of those nights. I only have one day a week to sit down and breathe, and, well, I’d like to use it to breathe.

This seems to be happening more and more often as I’ve populated my life with the things I enjoy doing, and so weekly blog posts have gotten fewer and further between, with posts being published late more and more often. Beyond that, I don’t feel like I ever have much to say on a weekly basis, because the things that have been on my mind don’t need to be publicized and etched into the eternity that is the internet.

The blog turned four years old a couple days ago (on February 20th). This is the 749th blog post. Not including this post, we sit here, 557,438 (about 7 typical novels) later, looking back at it all. The Daily Dose has received nearly 10,000 unique visitors, and I’ve started and shelved, well, quite a few projects.

  • Since then, I got my driver’s license.
  • I joined a writer’s group.
  • I lost a cat I cared very much for.
  • I self-published my first book.
  • I got my first real computer.
  • I started my foray’s into being a dungeon master, and have since created what I feel is a living, breathing world.
  • I’ve left the state more often in the last two years than the rest of my life combined.
  • I joined a passion project I continue to work hard on.
  • I attained two Associate’s Degrees.
  • I got my first real car.
  • And recently, I started working out and have gotten very good results.

And this is just the stuff I’m comfortable sharing. I started the Daily Dose because I called myself a writer and felt like I was lying to myself because I rarely wrote anything. My first post was titled “I Will Become”, because I wanted to be somebody comfortable wearing the title I gave myself.

And now, I am. I know story beats and story structure better than almost anyone I know. Certainly better than most non-writers. I’ve met some amazingly talented people. Read—and wrote!—better tales than I could have imagined. I still hope that one day I can bring the stories I tell to a wider audience, and I have a lot of faith that the passion project will be what gets me there.

I will still write. I think about my stories—my D&D campaign and the passion project mostly—every day. I’m constantly writing notes and reiterating on the tales I want to tell through the worlds I’m creating. This is who I am. A worldbuilder.

I don’t have much else to say, really. I started this blog so I wouldn’t feel like a liar when I called myself a writer. I achieved a lot since then, and I think a good portion of it was because I developed the muscle that allowed me to just… write. Would my life be significantly different if I never started this blog? Probably not, to be honest. But four years later I’ve written the equivalent of seven novels just by… writing 500 words every other day. It adds up really quick.

So this isn’t goodbye. I’ll still post every so often. But this is a termination of a promised consistency. I’ll still be easy to get in touch with, and I hope you do should ever you have reason to.

Till next time,
Kasey Cooley

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