Me — Evolution

I’ve always treated the blog as a tool to force the evolution of myself and my career as a writer. As I worked on the blog, I found a fixed schedule, and every fifty posts or so I would make some changes to better accommodate my schedule and the content I wanted to be putting out. The entire time, I treated the most recent change as the final fix: the state and schedule (at least for a long time to come) that my blog would be in. I figured hey, if I do attract an audience, I want to be consistent and make sure I post the same sort of content on the same days so that people will know what to expect.

With a new blog schedule change on the horizon, I’m starting to look at the Daily Dose as something that evolves along with me. Regarding the changes as permanent rather than updates will restrict growth, which is the exact opposite of what I want now. Game developers aren’t afraid to make or revert changes to the game they put out: they accept that things are never the way they want them to be, so changes have to be made constantly. This is the approach I’m starting to take here.

I’ll actually go into the changes I’m planning next week, as well as implementing them then, but the one thing I’m completely solid on is the introduction of a second “Weekly Short” post every week. This blog is great and all, but I want to be spending more time writing fiction, and I think I’ve finally developed the willpower to be able to force myself to do it week by week.

Since this blog is actually established (with quite a large back load), I think it’s time I start taking it seriously. The blog posts I liked the least were the ones where I knew the things I was talking about were useless, ex. super specific advice I knew nobody would ever read or information that nobody could appropriately use. I would write stuff to get my five hundred words in, and go about my day. I might as well have been typing arbitrary strings of words for all the good its done anyone.

This is the main reason I’m introducing a second fiction day. Before this blog, I struggled to write even the things I was interested in, and forcing myself to write when I didn’t want to was next to impossible. At this current point in my life, I have too many things I want to write, and I don’t really have a lot of free time to devote towards a larger writing project that won’t go on the blog. It’s a great problem to have, and one that I’ve been waiting for for years now.

At the same time, though, I’m still apprehensive. If, in a few weeks in, I find that this is too much of a strain on me and I can’t write as often as I’m challenging myself to, I won’t be afraid to back out. I have the resolve to work hard, but taking on too much is still a concern.

One thought on “Me — Evolution

  1. Typos ahoy!

    “which is the exact opposite of what I want know”

    Oh, ok that was the only one. I misread the other one and upon re-reading, it’s fine.

    You got lucky this time… punk.

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