Me — November ’16 Update

The hiatus is over! And with it, blog changes will be put into place. So today I’ll talk a little bit about what I’m changing as well as the things that have been going on in my life as of late.

First things first, I’m changing the post schedule quite a bit. Every day will have a new category, and I’m also going to take Sundays off. Here’s the new lineup:

Monday — Me
Tuesday — Improv 101
Wendesday — Review
Thursday — Learning! (Still haven’t ironed out a name I like.)
Friday — Life
Saturday — Story

So, no more twice a week anything, which will lighten the load on trying (and usually failing) to write something distinct for each and every post for the Me and Life categories (especially when the lines in between can blur pretty often). If anything, I want to be writing fiction more, so I was planning on having Tuesday be a second Story day and keep Improv where it was on Sundays, but I think that’s asking too much of me. Monday night is usually when I’m scrambling to finish homework I procrastinated over the weekend, so requiring an all new short on top of that is a little optimistic. Plus I like the idea of being able to relax on Saturdays after having written a short.

The new “Learning!” category is something I’ve speculated on before, and to be perfectly honest I’m still not quite sure how well it will turn out. Mostly I like the idea of explaining interesting ideas and concepts. It could be math, history, science, whatever. I’m not quite sure how I’ll plan out the source of every post, but I did plan on actually doing research on these posts so I know what I’m talking about, as well as including the sources I used. The biggest thing here is to try to teach people things they may not have known or help people understand difficult topics in their high school or college education. We’ll see if it turns out how I want it to!

On to how crazy my life has been.

It’s sort of funny how when life hits you, it uses everything it has all at once. Even before these past few weeks, I’ve been worn out and stressed. Then the avalanche of awful happened. I got into some (almost) pointless legal issues, and as they’re still not quite solved I can’t mention a whole lot about it now. Biggest thing is that the issue was exaggerated and something that could have been a simple talk got turned on its head and far more people were involved than was necessary. While that was happening, our fridge broke down. We had to ferry all of the perishable food elsewhere, and we’ve been without a refrigerator for two weeks now. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out by Tuesday. On top of that, and worst of all, our cat got sick, and we had to put him down. You can read the blog post immediately before this one if you want to know the whole story about that.

There’s actually even more than that (for example, BlizzCon was last weekend, and our disaster of an election “concluded”), but you get the idea. At this point, I’m anxiously waiting for the semester to end next month. It also hasn’t even occurred to me until just now that Christmas is a thing and I haven’t even put the planning onto my radar. Oh boy.

The result of all of this is different than you may expect. I’m not a very emotional person. I don’t have feelings to take. Instead, life took all my willpower. I don’t want to talk to people, I don’t want to play games with people, I just want to either sleep or play games by myself all day and night. Problem is, life hasn’t stopped of course. I still have school. Essays to write, exams to take, novels to read. One more month.

So, that’s where I’m at. But good things are on the horizon. The best part about being at a low point in your life is that you know good news is on the way. Maybe the winter season will kick in soon over here? I hate the heat!

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