Life — Getting Stale

I think the single largest problem with being the sole author on a daily blog is that in all honesty, I don’t have enough to say to justify it. I’ve been looking through my posts, and the ‘Me’ and ‘Life’ categories are very similar to one another. Most specifically, in the life advice posts I bring up something that I stress about or difficulties I’ve faced, so in a way it’s often a reiteration of something I’ve already said. If you look at the blog tags, “responsibility”, “work”, and “stress” show up a lot because I try to talk about how to handle things like that.

So, even if these blogs are good reads as standalone pieces, I can imagine how stale they must be getting for any consistent reader. (It’s not why I don’t have consistent readers, however. I’d attribute that to the fact that I don’t advertise myself at all.)

It’s a tough problem. I need to be writing every day just so I get things written and so I can force myself to write even when it isn’t easy. But it’s hard to write unique pieces of advice twice a week. My life really doesn’t happen that quickly, which I suppose speaks for my youth. I can’t write posts distinct from one another because, to me, I’ve already written everything that’s on my mind. If I don’t write for a few weeks (or, even better, a few months), I know I’d have a lot more to say, but that defeats the entire purpose.

Which leads me to consider one of two options. First and foremost, I could simply open myself up to more things. Watching new movies, reading other blogs, that sort of thing. Perhaps introducing new perspectives will give me ideas of what to write about. I’m not sure how fruitful this option would be, though. I imagine it would go well for the first week but a month from now I wouldn’t be doing it at all because I may lose interest. Still, it’s an option.

Second, and a more feasible option: I could add new categories to this blog. I’d say it worked pretty well cutting the reviews to once a week in lieu of adding an improv section (since I can talk about improv games for several months yet to come). The problem is, I don’t know what I’d add. I could theoretically cut one of the weekly Life posts and one of the Me posts, dedicating one to an entirely new section and making one day a ‘wild card’ where I talk about anything I want. It could work, but it wouldn’t solve everything. I’m pretty sure the ‘Me’ and ‘Life’ posts will still be just as stale, but perhaps it will feel a lot better simply by virtue of reducing their frequency. Another problem to this idea is the fact that I have no clue what a new category would be. There really isn’t a whole lot that interests me as a person, unfortunately. The only thing I could think of is adding a “Learning” section where I explain science and math stuff. I’ll leave that open to consideration.

On another note, perhaps I should start looking into how to gain an audience. That way I could get feedback and start getting some community interaction. If there’s one thing I love, it’s talking (and even debating) points of view with people. Especially people I don’t know who have insight I could never hope to find on my own!

In the meantime, stay tuned. I do hope to figure this out soon.


5 thoughts on “Life — Getting Stale

    1. Well, the difficulty in it lies more in the fact that since I don’t have much to say, trying to say something meaningful and memorable is tough. It’s hard to give insight in a way that I never have before, having done it twice a day for so long. In any case, I do appreciate the vote of confidence!

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  1. I think part of the problem is your dedication/need to post to the site every day. If you could take those words and put them towards a story, you’d be progressing as an author but failing the site.

    Perhaps you need to cut back on this site and dedicate more towards your craft. Maybe eliminate the weekends entirely; move short stories to a weekday, and shuffle items around so they are biweekly.

    Keep writing every day, definitely. But maybe the nature of requiring that writing to be public is now starting to limit you in unhelpful ways?


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