Me — Eating Habits

My eating habits are terrible. I know that. I’m pretty skinny, and a lot of it is because I simply don’t eat enough. I’m not anorexic, or anything, just slim. The weirdest thing is that I actually don’t know why I have problems with things. It’s sort of a vague statement, I know. Let me explain.

My eating schedule has been pretty much the same for years. Cereal in the morning, during high school I wouldn’t eat again until about three, and it would probably something microwaved like a hot pocket or frozen pizzas or something. Sometime in the morning or afternoon I may have a bagel instead, or very rarely I would make myself a sandwich. For dinner, my mom either cooks something or otherwise we get some fast food. Whenever we go out to eat I almost always get a burger. That’s it. That’s all the variety my diet consists of.

For me, food is never a luxury. I always give myself about the same amount of food and then go about my day. I get things I like, and I don’t stray from them because I don’t want to eat something I don’t. Only a few dishes my mom makes will merit seconds purely because I enjoy it so much. Shepherd’s pie is one. She’s a good cook, but food for me is meant to be eaten. Enjoyment comes second, so having more just seems almost like a waste of time.

For the past few weeks, though, I’ve gotten sick of my regular diet. I can barely eat a full bowl of cereal, and microwaving something doesn’t sound appealing, either. Luckily fast food and home cooked meals have enough variety to stave that off, but because of everything else I haven’t been eating as often. When I do get enjoyable meals, though, I still eat the normal amount. I don’t compensate for skipping breakfast.

I know this is unhealthy, but at the same time it’s not that bad. I’m not dying or starving or anything. I would consider the biggest problem in this to be the fact that I’m not finding most of my current diet to be enjoyable. I used to eat stuff I liked when I got hungry. Now I’m simply eating because I know I should. I think the solution here is to start buying food I don’t routinely eat, as long as I don’t really have to make it. I’m far too lazy for any food that requires actual preparation.

On the plus side of all this, I’ve grown more and more thankful that the same thing isn’t happening with tea. I don’t know what I would do if I stopped liking tea. I couldn’t just drink water all day, it wouldn’t be the same! Coffee is gross, and everything else has to be bought and isn’t easy to stockpile. But tea is still my friend. At least tea still cares. Remember when I was talking about seeing positive things in a negative situation? Use this as an example. Get yourself some positivitea.

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