Review — Green Hornet

So, the 2011 film adaptation of the Green Hornet was my first experience with the franchise. In fact I had never even heard of it until half an hour before I saw the movie. I’m not sure what the general consensus is regarding it, but let me tell you, this movie is the epitome of mediocrity.

Now, I realize this brings a heavily negative connotation to my views, but I did enjoy the movie. When I’m experiencing something for the first time, I’m generally pretty open to things. I’m not a very opinionated person, so most things I experience are just “okay”. Green Hornet, I would say, was pretty dry. It followed a basic plot and didn’t deviate from it. There were some funny scenes and good characters, sure, but there is absolutely nothing to compel me to sit through it a second time.

The worst part about the movie was that I didn’t like the main character. He follows the basic formula of the protagonist that has nothing and becomes a different person at the end, but since I hated the character from the beginning there was no reason for me to want him to “win”. He has no skills, no knowledge, and is generally unlikable. Every time he’s on screen he’s either doing something stupid or saying something even more stupid. Sure, I understand that it’s the “character”, but since he has no redeemable qualities there’s nothing to cheer on.

Kato, the sidekick, is undoubtedly the best character, but even he has problems. My biggest problem with him is that he is too awesome. He is basically a ninja and a super mechanic, and allows himself to go with everything that’s happening. It’s sort of implied that Kato needs Britt because he has nobody else and they’re “in it together”, but that’s a load of crap. Several times in the movie, a realistic person would have left the situation, but since the movie calls for a sidekick, there has to be a reconciliation.

It’s not all bad, though. The movie has some funny dialogue and good character interaction. It, of course, requires a huge suspension of disbelief, which I’m fine with. If I can accept Gypsy Danger fighting kaiju with an tanker as a bat, I can accept the two heroes in this movie to escape being buried alive. The movie is a lot of fun when action is happening, it’s just lacking everywhere else. In Pacific Rim, at least, action was always happening. The best thing the movie has going for it are the few scenes that are very well executed, the very first scene being a great example, but it sets too high a standard for the rest of the movie. There’s just nothing that really makes this movie worth watching.

So, as far as this movie goes, it’s not that bad. If you haven’t seen it, then go ahead, but if its a choice between Green Hornet and almost anything else, nine times out of ten I would pick whatever else it happened to be.

2 thoughts on “Review — Green Hornet

  1. “fighting kaiju with an tanker”

    I was trying to find an image of a lady fighting to make a joke about “Ann Tanker” being a name, but man, did you know how tough it was to find the perfect image on Google?


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