Me — Cats vs. Dogs

A lot of people have fierce opinions about whether or not they’re a cat person or a dog person. Some people will go to war with somebody claiming that their pick of the two is the best one, and I think that’s pretty ludicrous. I personally like both. They serve two different purposes, and they can both be friends when you need one. But if I had to choose, I would definitely pick cats. But, as per usual with this blog, lets talk about why.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always liked cats more, long before I would have had any justification for it. I think my family has always had a cat and/or dog at any point in time, and while I’ve loved all the pets dearly, cats are just better, sorry.

The first thing that always comes to mind is their difference in fur. Most cats have softer pelts and are simply more pleasant to pet. Dogs generally have coarse fur (at least the ones I’ve been around most often) and I don’t find it as enjoyable. I realize that some cats don’t have soft fur and that some dogs do, but I’m just making a generalization here, bear with me. This, also means that cats are better to have physically close to you, because touching you is cool, whereas dogs feel like they’re too close if their fur keeps brushing up against you.

Our cats don’t usually get along very well, but sometimes they sleep on the same chair.

This leads into my next point, which is that cats are better for cuddling. I can comfortably sleep with a cat, because they make little donuts of fluff, but dogs are larger (usually) and noisier. (I wouldn’t say dogs are typically noisy, but I’ve never heard a cat snore, so there’s that.) Dog fur sheds far worse (not necessarily more, mind you) than cat fur. I am mildly repulsed by the idea of dog fur on the bed, but cat fur on the bed is more of a nuisance than anything else.
Lastly, cats are low maintenance. I don’t like the idea of having to walk and clean up after a dog every day, especially the times of the year when it gets really hot (which I’ve previously established is the worst). Most cats don’t even care if they see a human being on a daily basis, but dogs will die if you leave their line of sight. Obviously that’s a hyperbole.

All that being said, ideally, I do still want a dog when I have my own place. Two cats and a dog would be my perfect setup. Because there’s definitely one thing that dogs are amazing at that cats simply can’t do, and that’s the special relationship you can have with one. Your dog can be your friend in a way that cats will never really connect. But that’s also probably why I prefer cats. A cat is an object of cuddles and meows. A dog is a buddy you have to spend time with, and that’s not really something I’m always up for.

One thought on “Me — Cats vs. Dogs

  1. Oh man. You’ve told me how difficult it can be to scour the internet for a picture that fits your post – but I can scarcely imagine how difficult it would be to google your own cats like that! Impressive.

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