Me — What is to Come

Tomorrow the old website (Weebly) is retiring. I’m sure I’ll miss some things, but there is always room for improvement.

First off, I have to say. As I write this, I’m close to cracking. I find myself overwhelmed with all the things that are required of me. I should have seen this coming with the fact that I have eight novels to read for classes this semester, but I no longer have any time on my hands and its wearing on me.

First off, these books aren’t easy to read. They are long novels that were written in the nineteenth century. One of my biggest problems with physically reading is that I fall asleep, and these books certainly don’t help. Not to mention if I fall asleep that throws my reading time out the window!

I’m busy from ten am to nine pm on Tuesday through Thursday. Maybe longer if I hadn’t squeezed in my writing for the day. As of right now I’m working around thirty eight hours across school and improv a week. It doesn’t sound that much, but thirty-three of those hours are back-to-back in a seventy-two hour time span. Beyond that, I may start doing some extra things on the side, and biweekly that will equate to a minimum of six more hours. Those things are projects I want to work on, yes, but as I’m sure I won’t have to clarify, there is a difference between working on something you enjoy and actually taking time to relax.

I feel as though I have no time. By the time this publishes I hope to have the other website up and running at full capacity, and in the near future (as in within two months) I want to be running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, co-hosting a podcast, and starting up the second short story for the Nacre Then anthology, along with editing the first draft of the old one and updating the Archive to incorporate all of the new world details. (As a tangent I won’t get into, can I just say again how awful it is that the new Warcraft expansion had to launch Tuesday? Worst timing ever.)

The funny thing is I wouldn’t even say I’m tackling too much. The only thing that’s awful about any of this is the fact that my schedule is so tight over that three day period. It sucks getting homework I’ll have virtually zero free time to get done. I’m talking “Read one hundred pages within a four hour time span” tight. Some people can do it, I’ll grant you. I am not one of those people. And that’s assuming I don’t get homework in any of my other classes, which just isn’t a mercy I can hope for.

I am okay with not having time for video games. That’s whatever. But when I’m getting home past nine, exhausted after a long day of teaching, all I want to do is go to sleep. But today, I have to write this. I have to be ready for class in ten hours, and I have to magically read an entire day’s worth of reading in that time span.

It becomes clear to me as I write this, that writing over seven hundred words every day is no longer feasible. At least, not for that three day block. I used to think that I needed to write every day without fail in order to really be able to consider myself a writer. But its obvious that writing thirteen hundred words four days of the week will be a little easier on me. I can easily keep up the daily blog without writing every single day. (That’s not to say I will prohibit myself from writing on those days, just that I won’t require it.)

So, somewhat unrelated, I’m going to cut down on the twice a week reviews. I simply don’t experience new stuff often enough to be able to justify it, especially since every Sunday I just talk about something I already know and love, which could never be a true review with that much bias. So, I’ll still talk about stuff, but from now on the Wednesday review can be either something new or not. I’ll make each individual post clear on which is which.

It’s unfortunate that this post will perpetually be at the top of the Daily Dose section of the old website. It’s pretty scatterbrained, not to mentioned how whiny I probably sound. I swear this isn’t the norm! Most of my posts are just scatterbrained with limited whines.

So, if you’re reading this on my Weebly site, I apologize. The quality of the blog will be significantly higher if you head over to my new site. There’s a link at the bottom of the post. Here’s to hoping your day goes well, and that your next ones are even better.

4 thoughts on “Me — What is to Come

  1. Testing out this whole “comment” thing on the new site; actually took me a minute to figure out how to do it. I’ll see if I can make things easier.

    In other news – look into getting audio books for some that you have? Could make getting through that library you need to read much easier. Have a bunch of audio book credits at the moment if anything is pricey ($12+)


    1. I’m going to update lots of site stuff tonight, and that’ll definitely be on the list. I do want to physically read a lot, though. Audiobooks being as awesome as they are, there are valid criticisms as to how much you can get out of them, especially as a writer


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