Me — Kasey Cooley the Product (Post #195)

Since I’m switching to WordPress as my official website, I’ve started to make big changes as to how I present myself as an author. In the past, I had wanted to be known as the guy that came up with Nacre Then and wrote a bunch of epic tales about it. But the more I write, the more I’ve come to realize that I can’t pigeon hole myself into one thing. Nacre Then may be the thing that people know my from, but even that line is going to start to blur as this blog grows more and more prevalent. I plan on starting to advertise myself soon, but not advertising as a series of short stories, advertising as a writer.

So, my website won’t be called ‘Nacre Then’. It’ll be an author website. My universe is still easily the most marketable thing that I’ve done, but at this point I would hesitate before calling it the most impressive. Writing a five hundred (or more) word blog post for every day for as long as I have is no easy feat, and while a lot of it may be rambling, irrelevant, or observations based on biased or flat out wrong information, it’s still a product people can refresh themselves with on a daily basis.

It automatically puts me on tenuous ground, though. We always hear about how colleges and company representatives look up our social media and whatnot in order to judge character and/or affirm the image we present to them. With an author (or anyone else who can attribute their occupation towards being their own product), anything we say or do can be held against us forever. For me it means that virtually anything I say or do can be held against me several years from now, and there’s basically nothing (to my knowledge) I can do about it. Let’s say I have an unpopular opinion about something (which I’m sure we all do). If I say Harry Potter is the worst book series ever published, this exact sentence can be used to incriminate me even if I don’t actually believe it, because everything can be taken out of context, and the media loves that, because people pay to see drama.

So, if I put the name ‘Kasey Cooley’ on anything, be it YouTube, or a forum page for some random game I haven’t played since I was twelve, it stays forever. Now, I’m well aware that it’s impossible to please everybody, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried that something I say will come back to haunt me in the future. I like using this blog as a way to openly express my opinions on things, but doing that is pretty easy when nobody reads anything I put here. That may or may not change any time soon, but even if I don’t become a published author for another twenty years, I will probably still be able to find these exact paragraphs pretty easily. I like being open with my thoughts, but I don’t want somebody raging at me in two years because I think “Harry Potter is the worst book series ever published” (-Kasey Cooley).

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