Life — What Works for You

I think one of the most important topics a creator needs to address if something isn’t working is whether or not they have the right environment. When I was in high school, I was tired or busy during my afternoons, so I wasn’t really writing. When I was juggling both college and a job, I found that I have to do things before my obligations because writing doesn’t wear me out, but I can’t write if I’m already worn out. In fact, finishing my writing for the day gives me peace of mind, so if anything it energizes me, but if I’m tired and haven’t written before I go to bed (like today!) then it feels a lot more like a chore.

As for me, I’m a morning person. I feel the best just as the sun is rising and everything is still relatively quiet. Perhaps its the isolation I enjoy the most, but I like mornings. But there are two problems with this. The first is that I take a while to wake up. I have about eight different things I check every morning, and a lot of games I play have daily activities that I handle before I actually start doing anything else. The difficulty with this is that if I actually devote the time I usually do to all of that, the morning will already be waning.

cannot write when I’m hot, which could be one of the hardest things about how awful this summer has been, so during the hours of twelve to five pm, I am always miserable because my room has poor air conditioning and my fallback for not being in my room is going on a walk, something I can’t do if its too hot.

But that isn’t actually the second problem. The other thing about me being a morning person is that I sleep in late. Very rarely will I actually start trying to fall asleep before one in the morning, and even then if I did go to bed early I would be reading till that late. I don’t sleep well, so ignoring the three or four times I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll usually wake up past ten. For me, that is really starting to push the boundaries of ‘morning’ for me, because as I said it takes me a while to actually wake up.

So, with this topic, I want you to try to reflect on my experience to better judge how you function. If you’re a creator, you naturally would have found things that do or do not work for you. Maybe you’re not comfortable in your workplace? Most creators like to work in isolation, so that could be a factor. As I said earlier, it could be related to your energy levels. If you’re too tired, try changing things in your schedule. I personally am going to try to start cutting down on the things that eat my morning up so I can really start my day sooner. Perhaps you can do something similar!

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