Me — Writing Updates (Post #150)

Another milestone! This blog has helped me write a lot more, and I’m super happy about that. Since February I’ve written over seventy thousand new words, and I think I’ve grown competent to push myself further. So, starting today, I’ll be making a few changes to things in general.

I put together every short story I’ve ever written (that I could find, at least) and put them all together, cross referencing to accurately detail when I last wrote and edited each piece. Combined, my short fiction has a total length of around fifty thousand words. Which means that the Daily Dose is the single largest project I’ve ever done. It’s crazy to think that, because for longer pieces (like Soldier of Nadu) I’ve spent years drafting and outlining, yet it still doesn’t measure up against simply writing a little bit about random stuff every day for a while.

Anyways, since I organized it, I thought it would be a good time to start organizing the website again. It now only has three sections of content, neatly and carefully placed where it goes. No more scattered short stories in strange sub-sections of the ‘Other’ page (especially since the ‘Other’ page doesn’t even exist anymore!) My first novels are no longer on the website, either, but I think that’s for the best, really. I’m still working on the website to make every section more accessible (adding links to jump to any specific short story, for example), and that will be coming soon. For now, I’m just excited at how neat everything has become.

Also, in regards to the blog, the Saturday Shorts will now be exclusively short stories again. I have been posting Dreamscape chapters because its been the only way to get myself to write them, but with the first draft almost done I don’t think I’ll need that anymore. Besides, I like sharing new content and ‘publishing’ later chapters of a book nobody will look at just guarantees nobody will read anything. These short stories may, however, be continuations from the week before, but from now on I will make sure they remain approachable.

Lastly, five hundred words is no longer a daily struggle for me, I’m proud to say. Getting to this point has been hard, and some days I almost chose not to write, but I pulled through and did something every single day. Now, I think its time to take it one step further. I will no require myself to write a minimum of seven hundred and fifty words every day. I will keep the blog post minimum to five hundred, but in total I should get into the habit of producing more. For now, a one thousand word minimum seems way too ambitious, since that will nearly double my productivity, so I’m keeping it somewhat small by pushing myself at the same time. It means I’ll probably have to write fiction a lot more than once a week, and even if short stories get ‘piece meal’-ed they’ll still get done. As a side note, I’m also going to do my best to find relevant pictures to include with every post, to give ti a visual component rather than every post simply being a boring wall of text. They may seem irrelevant (for example, this one), so just trust the fact that they’re not simply random pictures.

In the mean time, I’m still outlining a draft of Sorik’s first novel. Stay tuned.

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