Me — Useless Nonsense, Mostly

This is going to be a nonsense post. I need to write today, but I have nothing interesting to say about myself today. So just ignore this one.

I’m in a strange mood today. All of my emotions contradict one another. I want to be alone, but everything I normally do alone doesn’t sound like fun. Which tells me I don’t actually want to be alone, but doing literally anything with anyone sounds against my wishes, too. I like the sound of talking to somebody I barely know and learning about them, but nobody I know is spontaneous enough to just jump into a committed text conversation at any given moment.

So, I have no idea what to do. I was playing Overwatch, but after losing over and over again I can’t stomach the thought of continuing. I’d read but I’m currently reading Fellowship of the Ring, and it’s too early to go to bed (which means I’d be reading for around three hours. Normally that’d be cool, but LotR is practically old literature at this point. It definitely reads more like The Scarlet Letter than anything written in today’s time.)

I wouldn’t say I’m bored. I just find everything I usually enjoy sort of repulsive right now, but can’t think of anything outside my norm I actually want to do. I could write, which doesn’t sound so bad, but I’m not sure anything I write in this mood is even capable of being worthy to be read. This certainly isn’t.

Today was sort of a wash. I’d say the only thing I really accomplished was the fact that I listened to a substantial amount of audiobook, which isn’t even impressive because I do that pretty much every day! I’m in such a nebulous mood that even writing nonsense is difficult.

I think it would be cool to have a universe where two planets orbit a center of gravity as they orbit a star. These two planets could be vastly different worlds with their own unique stories, all while being sibling planets. I think that story would be interesting. Perhaps one planet is tidally locked, making the geography vastly different? I don’t know nearly enough about how a double planetary system works to be able to even have any sort of scope of the science behind it, I just figured it would be a cool premise.

I’m trying to think of a lot of universes that are conducive to good stories. I’m also trying to work on a universe in which the magic is heavily based on time, and it would have hourglasses and sundials and everything would be astrological and whatnot, but again this isn’t enough to be a cool story on its own. I could put the two ideas together, perhaps, but this would require vast quantities of knowledge I don’t have.

So there you have it. But ideas will come. I have faith that after Sorik’s story I’ll have an interesting story I’ll want to write. Perhaps it will have ties to some idea I’m already churning around right now. For now though, as I’ve said in the past, everything will come in time. All I have to do is be patient.

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