Life — Options and Boredom (Post #130)

Once upon a time, I would get easily bored. A lot of the games I would play I’d want to play with people, and none of the things that were meant to be done alone interested me. In other words, I had more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

If that ever happens to you, do something new.

Finding interest in something new will easily sprout new avenues with which many different things can capture your interest. I made an account on Reddit one time so I could subscribe to all of the things I liked and maybe spread my name a bit, too. I son found out that there are so many subreddits I could literally spend hours on, learning a lot and exposing myself to so many different things that I was actually overwhelmed. And that’s why I don’t like Reddit. Plus their website is a bit uncouth for my tastes. Also a downside.

My point is, once you expand the things you do, you can find something you really enjoy in which you can never fully sate yourself. I’m listening to Writing Excuses which has eleven seasons right now. That’s so many hours worth of podcast it will take me several weeks yet to finish. Listening to audiobooks most of the time doesn’t help, either!

My list of books that I want to read is perpetually expanding faster than I can read, which, I’ll admit, is a bit frustrating, but its also pretty dang awesome. I haven’t read roughly half of the books in my room. Moreover, many of them I don’t know more about than the title!

Imagine finally getting around to watch a tv show like SupernaturalGame of ThronesDoctor Who, take your pick. These shows have seasons upon seasons, and they’re popular for a reason. Many of them are easy to fall in love with within episodes and you’ll find that you’ve lost an entire week of your life.

With me, I almost never finish anything. Log Horizon, which I wrote a review about two weeks ago, I haven’t even watched since I wrote about it. It is probably in the top three animes I would recommend to people, and yet I haven’t picked it back up. Doctor Who, since I’ve mentioned it, I haven’t watched the last season or so. I hear Capaldi at all, and I hear he’s awesome. It’s something I can do. I know I’ll like Game of Thrones. The most I’ve seen are humorous clips on Facebook.

I go about it this way because this way I can experience everything while not dedicating a significant part of my life to it. I’m not saying this is something everybody should do, its just how I go about it.

So if you’re bored, do something new and look at new things until something hook you. Dig deep until you find something that will occupy your interest forever. If you’re overwhelmed with all of the things you can do, perhaps from digging deeper than you needed, maybe it would be best to slow down and get some closure. Keep your options open, or eliminate them as best you can. Either way, do what gives you more peace.

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