Review — Daily Dose (Post #100)

I did it. I hit one hundred posts. With this milestone, it guarantees that I’ve written over fifty thousand words in the blog alone (probably closer to sixty thousand due to my short stories averaging around one thousand). If I were writing a novel this fast, it could be done by now. Of course, daily ramblings is far easier than maintaining a cohesive story, but it is what it is. So, for my hundredth post, I thought I’d do something different.

I would do a review on my very first blog post.

My first post focused primarily on who I am and what I had planned for this blog, so I think it works very well for me to review it because I can talk about how accurately I’ve achieved my goals. I even made a list of the things I intended to accomplish through my blog. Accidental forethought is awesome!

So, all things considered, I wouldn’t say I’m a very different person. I don’t think that’s very surprising, given that it’s only been just over three months, but there you go: I’m still the same guy. For the most part, this blog has turned out to be everything I expected it to be. My posting it virtually nowhere has, expectantly, brought it no additional views since the beginning, and that’s okay. I have organized all my posts into weekly schedules, as I had expected, but probably something I did not expect was to talk about “me” and my life twice a week, and writing a short story once a week. I had tried writing five hundred words of fiction every day about a year ago, and that was quickly shut down because that is a lot when you have nothing to really write about. That’s why one short story a week works, because I only have to think of about a thousand words a week for that.

Second, two things I had expected to be doing on every post (but I never explicitly mentioned) was to include a quote at the beginning, and a picture at the end. The intent was that the quote would relate to something I would be saying, and would thus be relevant. The picture was a bit different, because I didn’t intend for them to all be related, but I thought including them would be important so that my blog posts wouldn’t just be a literal wall of text. I’ve kind of strayed from that because nobody reads my posts anyway, and it’s too difficult to constantly find relevant pictures every day. Obviously I include them in my reviews, though, because those are easy.

I think, in general, I wrote my posts with the hidden notion that people would read my blog, but have since stopped worrying about it. Perhaps these posts have become a bit like journal entries in that sense: Open, and yet the only person I expect to come back and read any one post is me.

I have discovered some problems along the way, though. First, It’s very difficult to go back and find any one post. I could go into the Categories or Archive tab on the side, but in both cases I will only see the ten most recent of the relevant posts. If I wanted to read my review on a book I did months ago, I’d have to either remember the month that I did it or be willing to click “Previous Page” a bunch of times after hitting the Review category. I’ve discovered the “Search Box” function is something only premium members of Weebly have access to, so even if I know the title of the review it doesn’t help. The only saving grace is that if I remember the exact title of the post, I can go into the url and type
“”. Only problem with that is that the only formula I follow is for my reviews, where I write “Thing I’m Reviewing: What Genre the thng is” and even that is hard to remember.

So, I’ve developed a sort of work around. For the future, I will simplify my title posts, depicting what kind of post it is: Me, Life, Review, or Story.  That way, for the future, the easiest bet for finding past blog posts will be going to the month it was written in and using Ctrl-F -> FL to find the specific post. It’s not the best, but it’s what I’ve got.

In other news, I plan on doing a “Self Update” like this one, every hundred posts or so. Every three months I’ll talk about where I’m at and whatnot.
Lastly, I’ve decided that I’m not a big fan of Weebly for a few reasons. Mostly the functionality of a longer blog stops being efficient. I’ve tried Squarespace in the past, and though admittedly I didn’t try very hard, I wasn’t impressed with that, either. So we’ll see where that goes. If I do find a website, though, I hope I’ll be able to transfer the entirety of my blog over. Unfortunately I’d probably lose the dates they were actually posted in, but oh well.

P.S. In honor of the past in which I posted irrelevant pictures, here’s this one. This comic is hilarious, but I don’t remember the name of it. It’s probably something like “Awful Dumbledore” or something like that.

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