Suddenly, Way Too Much Time

It’s only been a few days since the semester has ended, and I have already lost all control of my time. By that, I mean I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

First, most of it will be spent alone. I wake up hours before my brother, so the first five hours of pretty much every day will be spent in solitude regardless of what I do. I don’t really have any friends, so I can’t go out and do things, but at the same time I don’t want to waste my time, either.

I can read or write, which are solid options, but both require specific states of mind that aren’t conducive to being done every day, especially since doing them will make me want to do them less the next day. I have no shortage of books to read, of course, especially since I quit my job and listening to audiobooks has dropped drastically, as well and I still need to read twenty five more before the end of the year. I also have lots of short stories in mind to write for the blog, but since the stories are flash fiction pieces and not very long, it means that it doesn’t occupy a whole lot of time. I will admit Dreamscape is getting harder and harder to write, and I’m not sure I will actually finish it. It’s unfortunate, given I’m still not even halfway done, but it is what it is. (I probably will write a chapter today, though).

Almost everything I do has to basically provide experience if its something I’m doing alone. I don’t like playing League (even if it is fun) alone, because I’ve already experienced everything there is to experience in that game. I don’t mind playing with friends, but I don’t really have any that play anymore. So it comes down to what things I can do to add to my collection of experiences.

I do plan on binge watching classic movies on Netflix. I watched Grease yesterday and didn’t hate it, after all. (I’ll write a review on it Wednesday.) But I’m not actually going to watch those movies to enjoy them, but more to experience them. If I have dozens of classic movies under my belt, it will be a great thing to add to my repertoire of things to refer to when I’m writing or acting.

I could also binge watch animes, which is something I had planned to do in the past once I had free time. I know there are plenty of ones that I need to watch, but even the short ones total nearly five hours long. It isn’t as comfortable as watching movies when it comes to an experience to time spent ratio.

There are also role playing story games I have to play. BastionFallout 4Darkest Dungeon, and the list goes on. But there are individual problems that come with each of them. First and foremost with games like that is that I prefer to use a controller (even on the computer games,) but the one I have for that purpose isn’t in the best condition, and it makes games like that a bit frustrating to play. I’m waiting to solve that issue until I jump into things like that.

So, my plan is to develop a cohesive schedule where I actually have a plan on things to do each day. For example, perhaps Thursdays will be the day of the week where I binge watch anime. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m not really worried that I’ll be wasting part of my life this summer. My personal resolve to do things specifically to avoid ‘wasting time’ will probably translate to me wasting far, far less of my time than the average person, especially when it comes to people my age.

In any case, order will be restored.

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