Me Update — Writing, Gaming, and Stuff

It’s nice to finally start being able to relax. I’m virtually done with this semester, all I have left to do is take an exam and turn in two portfolios I’ve already finished. It’s sort of strange to be able to wake up when I want and instead of rushing to print out homework I almost forgot I’m sitting down and playing Hearthstone with a cup of tea. I just crafted Malygos, and that card is way more fun than I thought it would be. My dream is to one day Cast Holy Wrath with Malygos in play, drawing Molten Giant for thirty damage. But you would only understand how statistically impossible it is to set that up if you know Hearthstone, so I’ll move on to something else.

Lately I’ve found that I don’t find it appealing to continue the games I’ve been playing. I haven’t beaten Stardew Valley, and I haven’t nearly experienced my fill of Sunless Sea, yet even with all the time I’ve suddenly acquired, I’m going back and playing games I haven’t played in a while. Even games I’ve already beaten! And I hate that because I consider it a waste of time. I don’t really rewatch movies I’ve seen or play games I’ve already beaten unless something new is involved. Usually this means I’m forcing somebody else to watch that movie or something. The exception to this rule is Dragon Quest VIII. I can literally always sit down and play any point of that game. One day the new one will be out. One day.

In other news, I’m trying to break out of my recession in writing. Lately I’ve barely been hitting five hundred words for the blog posts and that’s it. I’m hardly writing Dreamscape, and I haven’t been writing much of the Saturday shorts in advance either. Which reminds me, I have a great story in mind that I want to tell, but I’m going to have to wait three weeks to write it because I don’t want to break apart Sorik’s tales any more than I have to. It’s already going to take three weeks to finish, I don’t want to throw in an unrelated story in between.

So I’m sitting tight for that. I have a lot of great ideas that haven’t quite come together yet, but since things are still weeks away I’m not worried.

Lastly, I think I’m going to separate the Reviews in a sense. They won’t be two different types of blogs, but one day will be a review of something that was new to me, and the other will be me talking about something I’m already familiar with. So every
Wednesday I will write about something I hadn’t seen the week before. It’ll be a great way to experience more things. Just to be clear, I’ll still use both days to talk about things in various media, but I suspect Wednesdays will turn into ‘movie review day’ because those are quick and ‘easy’ to experience.

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