Near-Obsessive Organization Necessity

I’m a very organized person. If I had my own house, I would have cabinets that were all labeled with their contents instead of just having places in my room where extra stuff is stored. To give you a little perspective on how neat I like things, a lot of documents on my Google Drive are “hidden” under four layers of folders. To find the pictures I took on Saturday’s Field Trip to Vasquez Rocks, from My Drive, you have to open the folders “School”, “Homework”, “Spring 2016”, “Geology”, then “Vasquez Rocks Trip”.

The only exceptions to this rule are things on My Drive that I use almost daily, like DreamscapeThe Archive, and my reading list. One day, though, I’m sure all of those will find their way into a deep, dark folder.

I can’t stand having things disorderly. But I can still be just as lazy as everyone else. I do laundry regularly, but my clean clothes can sit on my computer chair for literal days before I actually get around to folding them. It’s not as though I don’t have that ten minutes. It’s just that it’s so easy to not do it. All I have to do is transfer the pile onto my bed and I won’t even have to think about it again until I go to bed, in which case it’ll be too late to fold laundry and I’ll move it back to my chair.

So what I’ve found is that every few months, I’ll just wake up one morning and clean everything. Dusting, organizing, throwing old things away, that kind of thing. Most often this day will come after something important, like when the school semester ends and I can throw all of my school stuff away or when somebody moves out, or in, or even just leaves for a week. Few things give me more satisfaction than waking up to see my computer desk empty save for a cup of tea and my keyboard and mouse. This also happens in regards to homework I have to do. If I have a lot of big projects that start to pile up, I’ll try to set up a day that I have free (usually also cleaning day) and just hammer through as much as possible. For obvious reasons I try to make it so this day is several days ahead of any deadlines of said homework.

One interesting that I’ve found is that my brother will come in and say “Where’s ‘X Random Thing’?” and he will be wondering because I will have moved it someplace after deep cleaning. It’ll be in one of those random places where I put everything I don’t otherwise have a place for, but remarkably I’ll more often than not remember what he’s talking about and where I put it. The only frustrating thing about that is that I don’t physically have enough space to have everything where I want it, so a lot of stuff I want to have out on shelves are stored away because I don’t have those shelves. It’s another reason I can’t wait to move out. It’s not that I don’t like sharing a room with my brother, it’s that I can’t have everything exactly the way I want it because I do.

Maybe sometime I’ll do a post on how to be highly productive on things you don’t have to do often. There are techniques to enjoying cleaning one’s room, you see. I’m not sure how many you’d find just by repetition.

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