Projected Projects and Stuff!

So I’ve noticed some things about myself lately. I’m making accommodations to reflect that.

Recently, it hasn’t been uncommon for me to write over two thousand words in a single day, usually on two or three different things. This comes as a problem as I’m having to write these blog posts further and further into the future. This Monday post is being written on Thursday, for example, because I’ve written Fridays and Saturdays but I don’t really know what to write for a review just yet. So you see a problem. I’m writing these posts over half a week in advance. Who knows what could happen in that time span?!

I haven’t yet found a solution to this other than “only write one blog post a day”. But even with that requirement that simply stabilizes how far ahead I already am and doesn’t slow my work down.

In any case I’ve decided to be more public with my current projects, as you may or may not have noticed by the new “Projects” tab on the website. This isn’t to say that these are all things I’m currently working on ‘right now’, though some are. Instead it’s just stuff I’ve put a lot of effort into in general. It’ll probably always have “What I’m working on”, but maybe once things start getting overloaded I’ll have an “Old Stuff” tab, too. We’ll see.

So, I’ll start uploading what I’m currently working on on that page, and you can check it out to see periodical updates on Dreamscape. I’ve decided not to be so secretive with it. While I still have high hopes for it and am enjoying writing it, it’s still one of my first books. I’m in all probability not going to publish it, and I may not even edit it beyond the second or even first draft.

But in the end editing will never be as important as writing. Obviously that’s kind of a stupid statement because it implies editing can be set aside indefinitely, which I know isn’t true. I’m simply saying that writing will always come first. I don’t know if I’ll even try to publish Dreamscape anymore, I may just move on to another project.

One thing Brandon Sanderson did in his fledgling career was that he wrote half a dozen novels just to write more. He didn’t publish any of them until he went back and edited after he had all that experience under his belt. Maybe I’ll do something similar with Soldier of Nadu and Dreamscape.

Another thing I’ve been considering: What if my weekly short was one big story? I know a lot of web comics that began with no finish line that ended up to be hundreds or even thousands of strips long. I’m sure that’s a feasible medium for writing, but I don’t know just yet. Also I don’t know whose story I’d want to tell, so there’s that. Obviously I’d want it to be in Nacre Then, and probably a world traveler. I have some ideas, but nothing interesting enough to spark my motivation just yet. Maybe one day.

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