Time is Relative

You ever wonder how time seems to be going a lot faster than it did in the past? Like, your childhood seemed so long ago, and took forever, yet when you really think about it, couldn’t really have even lasted a dozen years?

This is for a very good reason that science can explain, and I’ll tell you why it matters and what you should do about it, too.

When you are one month old, one month represents one hundred percent of your life. When you’re one year old, one year represents one hundred percent of your life. But when you’re five years old, one year only represents twenty percent of your life. So when you get to twenty one year is only five percent, and hitting eighty means that one year is barely over one percent of your entire lifetime. So essentially, since time means less and less to you, it seems to go by faster. Childhood seemed to take forever to happen because, essentially, it was all you knew.

So when you enter adulthood, time seems to be going by a little faster. Six months on the surface seems like a long time, but when I think about it, it really isn’t. If you go back a certain distance its hard to distinguish things. If I asked you for how many big events in your life happened when you were between the ages of ten and twelve, could you tell me more than two? How hard would it be to figure out what was happening back then? What if I asked what happened before you were six? Isn’t that easier? It’s because everything that far back was the first time you were experiencing things.

So, when you think about it, time actually does happen faster than you can think. Our minds are incredible things, and for as slow as you may think you are, one can achieve so much in a short span of time. If you spent a hundred hours over the course of a month inventing something, it may seem like you’re wasting a lot of your time while you’re doing it, but in a year it will seem like the end result magically happened.

An easily understood example is Thomas Edison. It took him about a year to invent the light bulb. But imagine decades later how much had changed from the old era to one of electricity. And all of that switched in essentially a year. Decades later it would seem like it had happened in the blink of an eye.

I really don’t feel like I’ve been working on this blog very long. If you compiled everything together it wouldn’t even equate to two straight months of writing just yet. But at the same time, since every post I’ve done is over five hundred words, that means that this blog is already over twenty-five thousand words long. That means its already longer than the entirety of The Archive, which is essentially my life’s work thus far. I certainly don’t come up with five hundred words of extra detail for my universe every day, so I’ve already achieved “more” in a way with this blog than I have with what has taken me five years to compile (though in reality it only took me a few months to write).

How crazy is that?

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