Moving On!

So, just so we all understand each other I’m writing this Saturday night. “Today” was my last day at Target. I spent virtually every minute of it calculating how long I had left. And now I’m here in the aftermath. A lot of people didn’t even realize it was my last day or that I was even quitting. I’m introverted so I never actually spoke to any of my coworkers during my breaks if I could help it, so I didn’t make friends. But now that’s that and everything is over.

I gotta say, I expected to be happier. But I’m pretty sure it’s just because of the fact that since it was a rainy day the water seeped into my mood and corrupted it, so I won’t really be happy until tomorrow. Beyond that the snow boots I wear on those days (ones that are so heavy duty they’re nigh impervious to water as long as it doesn’t come in from the top) don’t fit me, so I had to wear two pairs of socks and they still didn’t fit comfortably. My feet hurt after working two hours. And also it wasn’t a hot day, so when I was inside with the rain jacket on I put on a third layer of sweat, which was super great. Also I had (and still have) a blaring headache. Basically the whole time I was miserable and daring any stranger or boss to try me. I’m almost sad that nobody did.

So, anyway, now a few things need to happen. First and foremost I need to set up a writing schedule now that I have the time to do it at leisure. I’m thinking two chapters of Dreamscape a week will be good, but we’ll see how that goes. Also, since I don’t have a time and a place for reading (audiobooks) I’m going to have to dedicate time for that every day, too, lest I fall behind once more. I’ve also always wanted to have a day of the week to dedicate to binge watching anime and other things I might be interested in, but I still don’t know if that’s a good idea. If I take Fridays, for example, that means I won’t have time to focus on writing if I need to. Obviously writing will always come first, but I like planning ahead and scheduling things so that I know what to expect.

Now I’m going to be a hooligan and go to bed before 11pm. My head almost hurt too much to write this today at all. I could easily get away with not writing for a day or two, but I don’t want to get lazy. I don’t want to lose that safety net until I absolutely have to, like when I get hit by a skydiving moose, hospitalizing me for weeks. It could happen. Though I guess my likelihood for surviving such an incident were pretty slim. Though if a moose is strictly skydiving I suppose it would have a parachute, probably making so I wouldn’t have to be hospitalized at all, because I would most likely see it coming.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I’m scared of moose falling from the sky without parachutes. Is that just me?

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