Me in Five Years?

There really isn’t a whole lot of interesting things for me to talk about today. My college’s Spring Break is over, so its back to school. Unfortunately in one of my classes, Geology, I’ve grown so apathetic towards what my professor has to say that I mostly just browse Imgur at this point. It’s frustrating because I can feel that if I had a different professor I could actually be having fun, but she manages to suck all the life out of everything she brings up so I hate it.

That being said its been hard to be really productive lately. I don’t really want to work on Dreamscape right now, one of the roadblocks being the fact that Chapter 3 isn’t particularly interesting to me right now, so I’m thinking about skipping it and figuring out something better to put in it, because in the outline itself it is mostly just filler. Not interesting to write, so it probably won’t be interesting to read, either.

My last day of work is April 9th, so I’m excited about that. I have six days of work left, and only two of them are the awful, full eight hours. After that I’m free to do what I want, which, with luck, will be Dreamscape. I know that if I put my heart into this novel that it can be something.

They say you have to write a million words before you can become a true author, but I’d like to think that I’m talented enough to be able to cut that number down one or two hundred thousand. Beyond that, I’ve put probably around two hundred thousand into Soldier of Nadu related works, fifty thousand into Archive related stuff, and we’ll call it another fifty thousand everywhere else, with short stories and whatnot, (Plus another twenty-five thousand with the blog). So with those numbers added up I’ve got just over three hundred thousand words, and assuming I’ll need nine hundred thousand I’m already a good portion of the way there. Maybe Dreamscape won’t be a good young adult sci-fi book like I want it to be, but perhaps it’ll be something I actually manage to publish. But even if that isn’t the case I could probably get some information on how to improve through the publishing houses I send it to, and with a few revisions maybe I can make something of it.

I have to make a name for myself sooner than later. I have to have something published by the time I’m twenty-five, even if it’s not my favorite. I have standards for myself, even if they’re unrealistically high. In five years, I want to have a bachelor’s, living in my own apartment with at least a book or two in publication. I’ll be around twenty-three by then. Is that too high an aspiration? I don’t think so. Maybe the living on my own part is, but I hate living off of other people. I don’t like being a burden. I’m not allowed to be a burden. Dreamscape isn’t allowed to not be published.

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