Shooting For the Moon (Post #35)

Let me begin by saying you shouldn’t listen to all the advice you are given. And as interesting as that statement sounds, it proves itself because it stands as contradiction to advice given in the past. They can’t both be right, therefore I am right.

So, take everything with a grain of salt. I’m sure you’ve met that jovial person in public places that try to convinces you of things you don’t agree with. They may not be wrong. They could easily be giving advice they themselves had to learn the hard way. But it could be just as possible that since your personality and lifestyle is so different from that person, that if you follow their advice it could be detrimental to your situation.

When I was in past predicaments I would get advice from everyone important in my life. I got a lot of contradictory advice, so I wasn’t sure what to do. Sort of being forced into a lose-lose situation, it’s hard to see which one will leave you worse off. As I said in one of my latest life posts, though, I believe everything always points to a better future.

People will often say that you should follow your heart. So I did. Long story short my soul was crushed. But here’s the thing: I’m glad I did it. Now I know what that type of pain feels like, and if need be I know I can survive it again. When you survive bad situations, you develop antibodies and learn how to deal with it if it ever has to come up again. I know I can face rejection again, and I know no rejection could ever be as bad as that one, because I’ve learned.

So, since my philosophy is that the world turns in a way that is best for everyone, I say that we should all shoot for the future we want to live in. I know that sounds cliche, but that’s not my entire point. Shoot for the moon. You may hit it, but honestly, you probably won’t. It’s a lot farther away than most of us realize. Did you know you could fit literally every other planet in the solar system (yes, even Pluto if it was a planet) in between the Earth and the Moon with thousands of miles to spare? You probably won’t hit it the first time. That would be astonishing. But when that rocket crashes and burns you could learn a lot about what went wrong, and you’ll be able to launch the next one that much further.

Heck, if you did manage to hit the moon on the first try, whose to say you could do it again? You didn’t know much about rockets, it could easily have been a lucky shot. You’ll still need to fail dozens of times before you can perfect it. And unfortunately a lot of people don’t make it. They give up.

It takes a lot of effort to even find somebody that can hit the moon with every shot. Imagine how many times that person has failed! Imagine what they could teach you!

So, to summarize, follow your dreams. You’ll fail. A lot. You might even find new dreams. But if you keep at it, you’ll achieve them. It’s not rocket science.

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