Blog Reforms (Post #30)

So, yesterday I had an idea to start doing an improvised, weekly short story every weekend. I tried, but it being set in Nacre Then required a little context, so as tends to happen the story sort of failed and morphed into a narrated backstory about some bad guys. It’s not all bad, because a lot of that info isn’t in the Archive, but as I said it wasn’t my goal. So, that being said I’m going to start organizing the blog to make it a little bit more consistent.

First, I will start writing blogs the day before and schedule them to upload at 5am the following day. That way I can create the illusion of consistency when I’m really struggling to even have time to write at all that day. (Meaning from now on I’ll be “a day ahead”, and today specifically I’ll have to write two posts: this one and tomorrow’s). So now my posts will always update at a scheduled time every day.

Second, I’m going to actually start writing specific things on specific days rather than just winging it:

Sundays and Wednesdays will be on Reviews.
Mondays and Thursdays will be about what and how I’m doing.
Tuesdays and Fridays will be the General Life (advice?) posts.
Saturdays will be the Weekly Story!

This will take affect in all following posts. So now anyone reading this will know what to expect for the future.

And as for the reviews, so far they’ve just been “go check this out, it’s awesome”. But that was never my intention. In the future I do plan on talking about the pros and cons to everything I experience, but where RWBY, Last Airbender, and Sanderson novels are concerned, I won’t try to hide that I’m biased. For now I don’t intend on making one book review day and one anime or tv show review day, mostly because I simply don’t experience things in many mediums. For now I’ll just keep it vague, call the posts “Reviews” and talk about whatever the heck I want.

So hopefully with a new order of consistency and planning ahead I’ll give myself more of a semblance of credibility and professionalism, but lets be honest here, it’ll be a long time before this blog means anything if it ever does. Looking at some of the blogs of the authors I follow, they’ve been doing a blog for over ten years now. Some significantly longer than that. On my personal time line, if you go “significantly longer than ten years ago” I was barely a person. So, maybe ten years from now somebody that is barely a person as I write this will be able to read this and laugh. Just as I intended. Or something.

So, anyways, in further news, since its Spring Break and I have no classes this week, I’ll most definitely have time to sit down and continue working on Dreamscape. I’ve noticed that I can’t really play video games for more than two hours without getting antsy lately, which I’m partly grateful for. Since I’m finally starting to become a productive reader, writer, and functioning member of society, I don’t feel right if I lapse back into that state of “Free time means play time”. Mostly because it’s turned into “Free time means something is wrong” but whatever. When all’s said and done it doesn’t matter if things happen today or tomorrow, but if the wheel starts turning sooner than later it’ll be gaining momentum before you know it.

And to anyone that may be reading this, thanks! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to feign some interest in my dealings. And if that ‘anyone’ reading this is future me (which, lets face it, will be at some point) you’re welcome. You’re where you are now because of who I am today, and I think that’s pretty cool.

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