The Fall of the Preservers

The Preservers from long ago were researchers and librarians. They were men and women obsessed with knowledge of every facet. Some sectors were tasked with obtaining, copying, and reproducing all written texts ever produced. Others were tasked with writing other texts. Records of battles, important men and women, and shedding light on the many mysteries that cloaked the world as we know it.

There is no one man that holds all the authority in the Preservers, but instead each nation in Northern Torreth delegates a single person to operate as a teacher and observer. These people were called the Keepers. The Keepers watch over and guide the path of the Preservers in each of their lands, and they were also tasked with teaching new Preservers and any interested parties in the ways of the land and the world. One must seek out the Keeper of each nation and gain an extensive wealth of knowledge before becoming a true Preserver. The original Keepers were the founders of the Preservers: the ones who reinvented magic itself. They created the Endless Halls, an enormous library intended for public access to any and all knowledge they would seek. They were the rulers and founders of their nations as well, but they thought it would be best to separate the rule of the nation and knowledge so that they could work side by side, but neither overpowering the other.

In a way, though, the Preservers became stronger than the nations, since they were one power that bowed to no king. As centuries drove on the Keepers were not content with their station. They began to take action to use the knowledge they had for personal gain. The Endless Halls, once open for any to study, became shrouded to the public eye. Knowledge became a resource when the Preservers grew frugal with the information they dispensed. A resource they held no shortage of. Soon they took action to take what knowledge everyone else had, too. They destroyed books and bribed officials. Being above the law and having the population on their knees for everything outside basic knowledge, the nations teemed with unrest.

When the Rupture happened and the world shook with the incineration of the nation of Veritia, hysteria spread at the damage magic was truly capable of. The Preservers seized this opportunity to monopolize the use of magic, too, tearing down the colleges and clenching the fist of control they had on Torreth.

But where darkness rises, there is always a light to battle against it, and in a pitch dark world, a candle can shine as bright as the sun. The Redeemed are a secret sect of the Preservers that operate under their noses. They cling to the old ways of learning for its own sake, and seek not international rule. While their numbers are small, they are a resilient group that fight in the shadows to curb the rising tide of Preserver influence. They hope one day to restore their order to days long past, and bring about new days of hope and peace.

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