Me Update — My Job and Outlining

So, a realization struck me the other day. Right now is the happiest I’ve been in quite a long time. I have a lot of things to thank for that. Not everything is perfect, it’s true, but I don’t really expect that to ever happen. If I could somehow achieve the goals I’ve set for my immediate future right now, I’m sure new problems would arise to replace them. So assuming that’ll be the case, I won’t consider the issues I have to be pressing dangers. They are pretty small, in any case.

So, yesterday I got a stern talking to by my boss. Again, sort of. He is the only one in the store that has a problem with the way I operate some of my tasks, and he makes sure I know it. Yesterday apparently I was giving him attitude, which is half right. Honestly, I was just trying to leave so I could stop talking to him, but he also said I rolled my eyes at him. If I did (which I’m not even sure) it wasn’t a conscious gesture. If literally anyone else in the store had seen me doing my job, they would have regarded it as me doing my job. He is the only one that ever gives me issues.

So I’ve made a decision. I will no longer be considering putting my notice in. Once reviews come in April and (almost definitely) I get my pay raise, I will put in my two weeks. The amount of work I have to do is already too much for being paid minimum wage, and not being appreciated for doing it only makes it worse. So I just won’t. I’ll get my raise so I can tell future employers what my end pay was, and that will be that. So, all that being said, there is almost zero chance I will still be working there in May.

Anyways, I’ve finished the first drafts of outlines to Dreamscape. It has twenty two chapters separated into four parts, and I have to say the subplots I’ve been struggling with for a while now have finally found their place. All I really have left to do is revise the outline and add a chapter so that one of the jumps between subplot chapters gets filled in a bit more.

So I’m finally on my way. If I can write the novel to include the subplots and all the things I want to happen, it should actually be a really good book. As I was outlining it, I could see how some of my favorite authors would easily be able to pick up the outline and make a masterpiece out of it. Maybe I’ll be one of those ‘favorite authors’ one day. So, when I don’t take classes over the summer and I have no job, I should have time to sit down and write it. And when it’s finished, I’ll go to some publishing houses. I don’t expect to get published, but I want to get experience with them and hopefully get some feedback.

As a side note, I haven’t really driven much since I got my permit. I don’t have a lot of free times on my hands to do that, so that’s another thing that will be easier to do if it hasn’t been done by summer. I expect I’ll have my license well before July but we’ll see how it goes.

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