Trying New Things (Post #15)

I’m bad at jumping into new things. I don’t typically try new foods, and I don’t generally enjoy the prospect of spending time doing something I’m not familiar with. It’s the same thing with video games.

I don’t jump from game to game looking for one that hooks me. (I’m going to glaze over the fact that I don’t have much time for things like that anymore). I don’t want to spend time learning how to play a game that is “JUST like ‘X’ and ‘Z’ but with better graphics” or “if ‘C’ made a sequel but with more lasers!” I’d rather stick with the games I play now. I don’t want to spread all my free time playing dozens of different video games, I’d rather spend it all getting the bast at one or two games, or playing through the story of this one rpg or whatever may be the case. At heart, I am a competitive person. When I was a child I would be a sore loser, but an even worse winner. I’m sure I’m still a little bit like that, but that’s why I don’t like jumping in to new things. I don’t like falling behind.

I also don’t like handouts. If my brothers and friends start playing a multiplayer rpg or a survival based game, I don’t want my accomplishments to be founded on their merits. I don’t want this awesome level one gun because I didn’t find it. Sure, it may help me “catch up” to what they are doing, but I don’t want to catch up, I want to have put the time and effort in along with them. Unfortunately, though, my schedule isn’t nearly as free as some others, so I simply can’t always be there to play, so I get behind in games like this a lot. Most of the time when this happens I simply don’t ever pick up the game. I continue playing League, or Hearthstone, or whatever the game happens to be (I actually haven’t played much of anything lately.)

This also ties in to who I am because on the flip side of investing a lot of time to certain things to get really good at them, I do things for the experience. I believe I’ve talked about this before, but I do things just to learn more about the world. I’ve played games and taken classes just because I was under the impression it would help me build a more realistic universe. I’ve studied Anthropology of Magic & Religion (to learn more about how things really occur in different cultures), Geology (to be able to build realistic land masses) and going to take an Astrology class to learn about stars. Stars are important in my universe, so learning about stars would be important to.

Going on a tangent here, but my main point is that I’m sure I’m no different from most everybody else when I say I don’t like trying new things. And at this point I have a good idea of what I do and don’t like. So when somebody says “Oh, do this ting you’ll love it!” and it doesn’t actually sound like fun. Only on rare occasions will they be right. Probably sounds pretty arrogant of me. I don’t mean to send off the impression that I know what I’m doing with my life and I’m all self-important. Sometimes I am. The rest of the time I’m kind of an idiot. I’ll let you decide which is more often the case.

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