Me Update — Driving Permit and Pre-Outlining

Just an update on how and what I’m doing in general. I’ve recently learned that Brandon Sanderson has a podcast that he’s been doing once a week for eight years now. It’s called Writing Excuses, and it’s quite interesting. The main focus is on writing, but I’ve found that a lot of the things that they’ve been talking about is simply creating compelling stories in general, and quite often it is hilarious. They’re each fifteen minutes long, and right now they’re in the middle of the eleventh season. I recommend you check it out if any of that sounds interesting.

I mention it because it has affected me on a profound level. On one hand they’ve advised me that Nacre Then and basically everything I’ve worked for the last several years will most likely not become anything. On the other, they’ve also inspired me at the same time by saying all writers (and people like them) are creators. A masterpiece may not work in the end, but its your job to keep going. You’ll make something new, and you’ll use the experience of the old thing to make the new one that much better.

So that being said, I feel as though I’m ready to write my first* novel. It has nothing to do with Nacre Then and it isn’t even epic fantasy. It’s a sort of modern fiction with a little bit of sci-fi thrown in. Not my usual cup of tea, especially since the target audience for this one looks like it’ll be a little bit younger than I’m used to, but I’m excited nonetheless! I still have done virtually no outlining, as I’m not even finished brainstorming. Major plot and characters aside, I’m not ready to say anything concrete just yet. The main thing is that I am excited, which does not happen for me. Ever. Especially not when I’m considering writing a longer work.

In other news, my classes are finally starting to get into the midterm prep. I feel as though I haven’t really been getting into the full swing of the Spring semester until recently. Pros and cons with this, as it also means I’ll have less time to work on my book. Of course, my book idea has to happen pretty much at the worst time possible.

Double P.S., I walked into the DMV, took the written test, and got my permit today. Yes, I’m eighteen. Yes, I’m a recurring college student, and yes, I have a permanent hire job. None of those things have really required me to drive, though, so it hasn’t been very high on my list. I was never one of those people to be super excited at the prospect of driving, but I couldn’t tell you why. But it’s happening now! I’ll finally be joining my fellow fifteen year-old high school sophomores and juniors on the street! …wait.

*I’ve already written a novel, but its bad and I think its best to table it for now and work on something completely different.

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