Being Relentlessly Positive

To those that know me, I’m seen as a gentleman that always puts others before himself. If somebody is cold (not necessarily a girl, though it usually is,) I’ll offer my jacket, and I’ll get quietly annoyed if they’re too proud to accept it. If somebody asks me for a favor, the only logical option is for me to do that thing they need me to do. If I am needed and available, I will very nearly always reach out to help. It’s just the way I am.

But, contrary to popular belief, I’m not as selfless as other people think. Everybody assumes I do these things for other people, and, in a way they are right. But they would be wrong in assuming I get nothing out of exchanges like this. I get the satisfaction of having made somebody else’s day easier. I’ve found that going out of my way to do small gestures for people on a daily basis will affect them more than a lot of people would guess.

One day at work I was walking outside, in uniform and with purpose so I was obviously working, when an older man walking in the opposite direction said to me as he passed, “You’re doing a great job, keep it up!” Regardless of what I was doing, he would have said that merely because I was somebody that had work that day. He said that just to make my day shine brighter. And it was because of that that I still remember him, a stranger, multiple months later. Isn’t that crazy? That guy’s one sentence was enough to lift my spirits and implant him into my memory for who knows how long. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget him.

So in a way my kindness is a facade, but does it really matter? If I help somebody out because I’ll feel good having done it and not because I actually care about them, is it still righteous? I’d say no, but at the same time it doesn’t matter. All that person would see is a stranger being uncommonly kind to them.

So, be nice to somebody. It doesn’t have to be for them. It can be for you. You’ll see that your day will shine all the brighter for it. If you look for the best in people and wish them happiness, you’ll be happier yourself. And coming from the person that has to deal with hundreds of peoples’ impatience and rudeness on a daily basis, trust me it’s the only thing that’s keeping me going. I actually do kind of hate people and they give me reason to do so, but I don’t concern myself with them. I like to think that the nicer populace is the larger one (even though deep down I’ve seen proof that it isn’t true).

And when your day doesn’t turn out like you wish it had, chin up. It will get better. If not tomorrow, then a month from now. Things always get better if you’re patient.

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